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Released by bit on 2007-03-18 at 07:31.

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New v0.4 of LuaBit is available now. A utility function is added to convert utf8 string to ucs2. And the bit lib is clean up to compatible with Lua5.1.

LuaBit is a bitwise operation lib completely written in Lua. The supported operations are: not, and, or, xor, right shift, logic
right shift and left shift.

Several utilities are designed to leverage the power of bit operation:
 1. hex: a dec <-> hex number converter
 2. utf8: convert utf8 string to ucs2
 3. noki: convert nokia pc suite backuped SMS file to .txt

Changes: v0.4 * utf8 to ucs2 converter(utf8.lua). * clean up for compatible with Lua5.1 and 5.0. * add 'How to use' section for bit.lua and hex.lua.