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Released by cgilua on 2005-07-23 at 17:04.

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CGILua is a tool for creating dynamic Web pages and manipulating input data from Web forms. CGILua
allows the separation of logic and data handling from the generation of pages, making it ease to
develop web applications with Lua. One of advantages of CGILua is its abstraction of the
underlying Web server. You can develop a CGILua application for one Web server and run it on any
other Web server that supports CGILua.

CGILua is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.0.

For more information on CGILua please check

Any feedback is welcome!

Changes: The changes for CGILua 5.0 are: * CGILua distribution includes now only the Lua files, the launchers have been moved to Kepler. * The Stable library is now distributed with VEnv. * Fixed a file upload bug in the CGI and Xavante launchers. * cgilua.lp.include() now accepts an environment to run the preprocessed file in it.