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== (0) == Redistributive Aggression, Plato Inequality ==
Data from WIDER World Income Inequality Database are used to illustrate the range of the
"Redistributive Aggression" (or "Inequality Issuization") and the "Plato Inequality"
plotted over the "Gini inequality".

Klaus Deininger and Kihoon Lee from the World Bank and Lyn Squire from the Global
Development Network provided updated data to the World Income Inequality Database
in May 2007. All data of that spreadsheet are part of the Lua script. (The Lua script
is a quickly hacked modification of inequality-2.0.1.lua.)

The data generated by the Lua script have been used to generate the graphics
which is part of this experiment. See also:

The graphics you also find in together with formulas for
the Redistributive Aggression.