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Released by lua-gtk on 2008-02-18 at 08:38.

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While a few issues remain, this release should be mostly
useable and stable.  The build process has been improved and
now supports linux-i386, linux-amd64 and win32-i386, more
architectures could be added easily.

A few examples are included, more in CVS.

Share and enjoy,
Wolfgang Oertl

Changes: Lots of bug fixes and improvements. The following list is probably incomplete: - should work unchanged with older Gtk versions - removed, replaced by a Makefile that includes script/Makefile.${arch} - configure script (not autoconf) - automatic testing with many more tests - iconv working better (on Linux; currently broken on Windows) - enum comparison - C closure generation for Lua functions - function pointers in structures supported - allow dots in signal handler names for GtkBuilder - a few more overrides - key symbols as ENUMs - memory management fixes e.g. for char*/const char* returns - gtk.init override now is gtk.set_debug_flags. gtk.init doesn't have to be called. - various bug fixes Please use the CVS repository for a complete history.