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Released by luajava on 2007-01-23 at 20:04.

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LuaJava is a scripting tool for Java. The goal of this tool is to allow scripts written in Lua to
manipulate components developed in Java. LuaJava allows Java components to be accessed from Lua
using the same syntax that is used for accessing Lua`s native objects, without any need for
declarations or any kind of preprocessing.

LuaJava also allows Java to implement an interface using Lua. This way any interface can be
implemented in Lua and passed as parameter to any
method, and when called, the equivalent function
will be called in Lua, and it's result passed back to Java.

LuaJava is part of the Kepler Project and can be found at

LuaJava is free software, using the same license as Lua 5.1.

Changes: Changes on this version are: - Changes to comply with Lua 5.1 API, - Included LUA_MULTRET as a LuaState constant, - Corrected bug on on the order of the results.