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Released by luaservice on 2007-12-17 at 19:33.

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This is the second alpha release of LuaService, A framework
for running a Lua script as a Windows Service.

This release fixes all known bugs (but probably adds one 
or two).

The release includes a new sample service, Rot13, that 
watches a folder for new files and transforms any new 
files in the folder (in place) by ROT13. The Rot13 sample
depends on lfs.dll from LuaFileSystem, available here at

Changes: * Added ROT13 sample. * Wrote more documentation, especially on building LuaService and its documentation from the sources. * service.GetCurrentConfiguration() now actually returns its results. * Fixed possible buffer overrun in SvcDebugTrace(). * Fixed memory leak from bug 1949. * Changed default script name to "service.lua". * Icon and version resource.