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Released by luasocket on 2007-10-13 at 20:50.

luasocket-2.0.2-lua-5.1.2-Win32-vc6.zip92.3 KB
luasocket-2.0.2-lua-5.1.2-Win32-vc8.zip120.8 KB
luasocket-2.0.2.tar.gz112.7 KB
LuaSocket version 2.0.2 is now  available for 
download! It is compatible with  Lua 5.1, and 
has been tested on Windows XP, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Chances are it works well on most UNIX distributions
and Windows flavors.

Changes: This is just a bug-fix/update release. * Improved: http.request() now supports deprecated HTTP/0.9 servers (Florian Berger) * Fixed: could return "timedout" instead of "timeout" (Leo Leo) * Fixed: crash when reading '*a' on closed socket (Paul Ducklin); * Fixed: return values are consistent when reading from closed sockets; * Fixed: case sensitivity in headers of multipart messages in smtp.message() (Graham Henstridge); * Fixed a couple instances of error() being called instead of base.error(). These would cause an error when an error was reported. :) (Ketmar Dark); * Fixed: test script now uses pairs() iterator instead of the old Lua syntax (Robert Dodier).